About Us

The Beans Talk Café is a dream come true. Shabana loved to go to café’s , loved the calm & peaceful atmosphere a café offers, loved to have a cup of coffee ,read a book or just sit there. Being a good cook herself ,knew the value of good food. She started dreaming of owning a café. She wanted to make a place so beautiful, serene and at the same time friendly so that one feels like coming again & again. Having a professional and experienced Chef as a son was a blessing. So she came up with The Beans Talk Café with her son, Farhaan, putting their heart & soul into it. This dream came true after almost 5 years of struggle. Initially she wanted to start a café in the Himalayas , which was her dream and she even went to Himachal Pradesh in pursuit of this dream. But things didn’t work out there. After some time she pursued her dream again and here it is!!

The Beans Talk Café was conceptualized & executed by the mother son duo , Shabana & Farhaan on the 1st of December 2018 on Farhaan’s birthday.

“There are few things in this world more powerful than a story, Our Imagination! Our imagination is a destination many have forgotten the way to and luckily you don’t need any directions. My childlike imaginations took me to places I never thought was possible but it was a voyage I was willing to take. The second we lose our passion for adventure is the second we lose a part of who we are. With the same ambition I had as a child , I jumped into this dream come true.”

The Beans Talk Café at Viman Nagar, being the FIRST ROOFTOP CAFÉ in Pune promises to take you to The World Of Pure Imagination with its food & soothingly serene ambience.


-Shabana Sulemani

It’s too early to say we have made history, but it has become a signature place for all in this area. The idea was to create something classy and at the same time fun filled, friendly and casual. We would like our Café to be a place where you can escape from chaos of the world, find peace, good food and a great cup of coffee. We want to make it a place where you can meet your friends, a place where one can find solitude , a place where you can make new friends, a place where you can read a book. We want to create a brand with The Beans Talk Cafe and have many branches all over India and if possible in the other parts of the world.

We are very particular about our cooking but we like to serve it in an atmosphere which is fun filled, friendly and laidback. Good food is one of life’s greatest joys. Come to our café and you will see what we mean.

Don’t hesitate to ask for whatever you need, and don’t be surprised to find yourselves on a first name basis with our servers. We love getting to know people. Your preferences and expectations might differ, but that’s no reason not to meet them.

More than just a cafe , it is where The Beans Talk

An All Day Dining Cafe with the best scrumptious food & the best innovative beverages. The only rooftop cafe in Viman Nagar, Pune with indoor seating as well as outdoor seating. The serenely calm & beautiful ambience sets its apart & reminds you of European cafes. The friendly atmosphere is infectious and will make one leave the place with a smile.

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