Our Team

Shabana Sulemani

Owner & Founder

Born in Pune on 28th March 1969, Shabana grew up to be a strong individual. Her career growth has been very unconventional. After years of work experiences she realized, that the three passions of her life were travelling,cooking and dancing. Cooking for her loved ones gave her immense pleasure. She is an experimental cook and can come up with exactly the same dish that she tastes anywhere. She started taking part in cooking contests and has won many contests. She was the winner of Scotch Brite Contest judged by the late renowned Chef Tarla Dalal. She also was the winner of the show , Sanjeev Kapoor ke Kitchen Khiladi where she was pitted against the renowned Chef Harpal Singh. Her cooking method is very simple, quick and tasteful. She loves the way Jamie Oliver cooks. Easy, fun filled cooking and at the same time sumptuous and appealing to the eye cause that’s how she cooks too.

Her expertise, passion for cooking and meeting new people made her believe that she can start a place of her own.

Shabana loved to travel and has been to many places. She has been to the United States, Istanbul in Turkey, has lived in the Gulf for many years where she got to have amazing Arabic food. In India, she has travelled to Jaipur, Goa, Kerala, Chandigarh, Shimla, Kulu, Manali, Dharamshala, Mcleod Ganj, Hyderabad, Mumbai etc. Having travelled so much she got to try different cuisines. Being a foodie she loves all kinds of good food. From pasta to pizza , from Thai food to Chinese & Indian food.

She believes in some small way she can help the world become a better place. She loves to meet people, make them feel nice and the best way to feel good in this chaotic world is to find a place where you can feel peaceful.

Farhaan Sulemani

Chef & Co Founder

Born on the 1st of December 1994, he was the youngest sibling in the family. Farhaan was a very disciplined child throughout his growing years. As any other growing child he would dream of many things. Being a good artist , he wanted to get into animation. His sketches especially the ones inspired from Manga comics were brilliant. But as he grew older, he was very particular about the food he ate. Loved to have his mother’s dishes. He could differentiate good food from the average food. Then one day he started watching the Masterchef series on television. He was hooked. He loved to watch the Australia series especially. Was fascinated that cooking can be so detailed and fun. He started experimenting with food at the age of 15 years. At 17 years he was sure that he wanted to become a chef by profession. After finished his 12th Grade, he moved to Mumbai and joined the IIHM-ITM college there and did his graduation in the year 2016.

He worked in Dubai in Hotel Movenpick for his internship program. He joined Hotel Grant Hyatt in Dubai and was there for 2 years. Throughout his period in Dubai. He learnt a lot about cooking complete kitchen methods. His thirst for knowledge as a chef kept growing and he wanted to do a lot more. As a commis chef he didn’t have a free hand in trying new dishes. He then wanted to explore modern cooking, he applied at Gaggan , a Michelin star & World’s Best Asian restaurant, in Bangkok. The best part about going to a new place is that you get to meet new people and learn a new culture. Being in Thailand was a great learning experience for him again. After his internship there , he was back home in India.

When his mother came up with the idea of the café, he was thrilled because together they could create something very beautiful and unique. With all his expertise, the best thing a chef could ask for is , his very own kitchen and he got one. Someday he also wishes to start a Modern Indian Restaurant.

Now at The Beans Talk Café , he has come up with many delightful savories and desserts for everyone.

Neetu Solanki


Neetu. born on 7th March 1991,the most immaculate chef in the whole team, is known for her great cooking techniques. Having done her Diploma in Culinary from Mumbai, wasn’t going to settle down for anything less than the best. She started her voyage as a chef. Worked at Grand Hyatt, Dubai in a Steak House as a chef. Joined the Marriott group in Abu Dhabi, as Demi Chef De Partie. Her thirst for constant growth wanted to take her further. Her next journey towards her culinary expertise was the famous, Michelin star restaurant Noma, where she worked as an intern.

She is very hard working, dedicated to her craft and her artistic talent which is very good at helps her create magic with her dishes. Her aim is not just being a great chef , her aim is to keep learning, keep doing better.

Tabrez Shaikh


Born on 30th March 1998, being the youngest sibling in the family Tabrez was pampered but he didn’t let that get to his head. The best way to describe Tabrez is he is an extremely energetic and positive personality. His passion for life shows in his cooking. Having done his graduation from IIHM Culinary Institute in Pune, he was eager to learn more than just the course that he was taught. He worked in LUX*Bell Mare in Mauritius for his internship.

The moment he got to know about The Beans Talk Café , he wanted to join and be a part of the growth. He wants to grow as a chef. His vibrant personality keeps everyone in good spirits. Our 20 year old chef loves riding bikes, sketching, playing football, dancing and trying new cuisines. Having a restaurant someday in many parts of the world and satisfying the palate of his guests is his dream.

Sandip Kakde


Born on 15th October 1995, Sandip belongs to a Maharashtrian family in Aurangabad. He came to Pune to work and started working as a kitchen aide in Mc Donald’s in Pune. He was intrigued by the latte art designs that the barista made. He started learning how to make coffee, latte etc. Seeing his enthusiasm his senior sent him for a training session as a barista. There he learnt the Latte Art designs . He wanted to learn more , so he started watching latte art being done online and picked up many new tricks. Later he worked for Café 212 where he got to show his skills.

His passion is to grow as a barista to another level. Create designs of his own. At The Beans Talk café , he got a training for making innovative mocktails,  lemonades and unique hot beverages like the Dirty Jack.His efforts show in his work and his amazing coffee art can take him to another level. His other interests are travelling, playing video games and listening to music.

Monu Misra


Monu is from a small town called Chitrakund in Uttar Pradesh , India. The youngest of the lot, but very mature for his age that is 19 years. Although he started as a housekeeping staff, his interest in cooking was immense , he used to stop what he was doing and observed  the cooking part that is going on. His eagerness to learn cooking made us promote him to being a chef . He has got a zeal for learning , which is the best quality about him. Monu is disciplined and dedicated to his job, He has a long way to go.

More than just a cafe , it is where The Beans Talk

An All Day Dining Cafe with the best scrumptious food & the best innovative beverages. The only rooftop cafe in Viman Nagar, Pune with indoor seating as well as outdoor seating. The serenely calm & beautiful ambience sets its apart & reminds you of European cafes. The friendly atmosphere is infectious and will make one leave the place with a smile.

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